StudioLab "VIVAS!"

ArsLab announces the official birth of VIVAS! an integrated project for the International Cultural - Experiential Tourism Market. The project, created and promoted by ArsLab, through StudioLab a.c., is aimed at promoting the Italian way of life in the international cultural tourism market.

The selected target consists of a large and growing portion of people around the world oriented to spend their leisure time for a direct and authentic contact with artistic, historical, cultural, landscaping and culinary experiences.

VIVAS! will be located in the province of Salerno, and will develop its activity in Italy and in the world in two main directions:

  1. Creation of services, attractions and facilities dedicated to the inbound tourism, specifically targeted to the cultural tourism.
  2. Production and International distribution of live shows, specifically created to promote VIVAS! in the targeted market.

The mission of the project is to offer the international cultural tourist an integrated and efficient experience of culture, history, landscape, food and wine of Italy, more specifically of its southern-central regions.
The artistic direction of the project will be entrusted to Franco Dragone

VIVAS! Activities, Spaces and Facilities

The VIVAS! structures will be placed into a beachfront area of about 69,000 square meters located in Via Salvatore Allende, in the Municipality of Pontecagnano, Salerno.


Click on the map to see the masterplan

In its immediate vicinity are locates 6 sites classified as world Heritage by UNESCO: Naples Centre, Royal Palace of Caserta, the Cilento / Paestum Park, Pompeii / Herculaneum, the Amalfi Coast, the Monumental Complex of Santa Sofia in Benevento.

It is also 6 km from the entrance of the motorway, 6 Km from a modern and efficient Hospital, 8 km from Salerno Train Station, 10 Km from Salerno airport, 13 Km from the new port of Marina d'Arechi, 15 Km from the Amalfi Coast, 60km from the Vesuvius, 67 Km from Sorrento-Capri, 68 km from Naples and 85 km from the Royal Palace of Caserta.

Campania Felix Park

Counting on the International experience of Dragone and his team in the world of theme parks and permanent shows (over 80 millions of viewers around the world), it will be created the historical/natural themed park "Campania Felix".

The Park will consist of experiential routes and Edu-tainment activities with multimedia and interactive attractions and educational games, animations and spectacles, multimedia stations, Augmented Reality and exhibition dedicated to the natural and landscape elements (Vesuvius, Phlegraean area, the Amalfi Coast, the sea, the islands) to the historical events (from Paestum of Magna Greece to Pompeii of Ancient Rome, from the Bourbon Royal Palace of Caserta to the Salerno Landing of the Second World War), the myths and legends (the Sibyl of Cumae, the Syren Partenope, the Witches of Benevento, the Beautiful 'Mbriana), which characterize Campania.

In the Park will be placed Shopping & Food Corners (pizzeria, snack bar, restaurant, cafe, ice cream, fashion corner, souvenirs and typical food at KM 0).

There will also be located an Infopoint for the coordination, information and management of the VIVAS! Activities on-site and external to the Park, but also more generally to promoting tourism in Salerno and Campania.

In the Park area will also be created:


TyrsetaThis was probably the Etruscan village in the actual territory of Pontecagnano which represented the southern border of the territories inhabited by these pre-Roman populations in Italy. Tyrseta will consist of a small Etruscan village consisting of 10 huts (20 rooms - 40 beds), 1 common hut for breakfast, a barbecue area with pergola and a field plowed by costumed characters; in some moments the village will be the place of a battle between the Etruscans and Samnites warriors.


PoseidonPoseidon (later renamed Paestum by the Romans) was the first and most important center of Ancient Magna Greece. The site will be inspired by the ancient Agora of Ancient Greece around which will be located a Shopping Mall with shops and craft workshops designed in style with the architecture of the Ancient Greek Polis. In particular it will host: a gelato corner; a fruit shop and a grocery store that will sell typical products such as: San Marzano tomatoes, cherry tomatoes from Corbara, Giffoni hazelnuts, mozzarella di bufala of Battipaglia, Amalfi lemons and limoncello, white figs of Cilento, Paestum artichokes, annurca apples from San Mango, beans by Tramonti, Serino chestnuts, wines of Costa d'Amalfi (PDO and PGI), olive oil of Salerno Hills (PDO), caciocavallo cheese of Vallo di Diano, cacioricotta cheese from Cilento, sfogliatella Santarosa from Conca dei Marini , anchovies and tuna of Cetara, etc ...). A fashion corner which will exhibit and sell the creations of Moda Positano; some artisan workshops where will be exposed, created in real time and sold, hand made products of Salerno artisanal tradition such as Vietri ceramics, tombolo lace of Picentino, crib art from Salerno, Amalfi paper, wicker baskets from Alento, embroidery of Cilento, wrought iron of Busento.


PompeiIn the area of the Park will be installed a charming Multimedia Station dedicated to Pompeii. The exhibition of original objects form the Pompeii excavation and the use of the newest technologies will allow visitors to get in touch with the daily life of inhabitants of Pompeii until the tragic eruption of Vesuvius. Guides in costume will welcome the tourists in their visit

Domus pompeiana

Close to the Pompeii Multimedia Station will be situated a residence designed in the style of an Ancient Roman Domus with 32 rooms (64 beds), were a costumed staff will assist the hosts. In the Domus there will also be a Atrium (room covered) and a Peristilium (inner courtyard discovered) that will be used as a room for breakfast and restaurant. During winter the Atrium will be used for the activities of StudioLab workshops and masterclasses (see below).

Arena Arechi II

GiostraCounting on the extensive experience of the International Dragone team, we will build a 1,400 seats outdoor Arena in a medieval style (in the fall / winter it will be covered with a special marquee). The Arena will host, at different times in the day, the Tournament of the Knights and the first Dragone Permanent Show in Italy, entitled " VIVAS! " In autumn-winter it will also host the indoor version of the aquatic show "Tide" that summer will be represented in the sea, in front of the Campania Felix Lido (see below). Near the Arena it will be built in a merchandising point and a Vineria / Pizzeria to stay open until late at night.

Norman tower

Torre medievaleNear the Arena will also be built a small hotel in the style of a medieval tower on 3 floors with 32 rooms (64 beds), a reception / breakfast area on the ground floor, and a courtyard enclosed by a wall where will periodically take place small performances in medieval costume.

The Villa

La VillaAn existing building will be refurbished to recreate a Bourbon Country House on 3 floors designed as a country residence of a noble family of the time. We will build 37 rooms (72 beds) furnished in the Eight Hundred style. On the ground floor it will be create a Tavern in rural style for breakfast and restaurant; the Villa will also have a vegetable garden and farmyard with a little artificial lake where will leave some barnyard animals. A peasant family in costume will work in this rural are, living in a small little house in poor style of the nineteenth century. Near the Villa, will be created an area for leisure and sports activities including 2 tennis courts, 1 basketball court, 1 volleyball, 1 swimming pool and a green space for children and families.

Operation Avalanche

Operation AvalancheIt will be created a multimedia station of about 2,000 sqm that will consent the visitor to retrace the dramatic events of the landing in Salerno of the allied troupes (one of the most important during World War II), through the exhibition of military vehicles of World War II, original photos and films of that times and the reconstruction of a scenery of the events with the use of mannequins and holograms.

On the beach in front of the Park, connected by an underpass, tit will be realized:


Bathhouse made of light materials (wood) and in total respect of the environment. It will consist of a warehouse, toilets, some cabins / dressing room, showers, umbrellas. Will also be made, again in wood, a food court (café) with an area equipped with tables and chairs covered by a roof.

A bordo!

a bordo!It will be created by the experienced Salerno shipyards a replica of the Amalfi Goletta (schooner) and the Gozzo Sorrentino (fishing boat) that will be used for the organization of 1-2 days tours by sea to discover the hidden coves of the Campania islands (Capri, Ischia, Procida), the Amalfi Coast, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Cilento coast, with the possibility to eat and sleep on board.


In the summer time it will be set up in the sea, in front of the Lido, the aquatic show "Marea" (Tide), a show on myths and history of the sea in Campania, from the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, to the Saracens, from the landing of Carlo Pisacane, to the Allied landing in World War II, until the odyssey of new migrants. "Marea" will use the Goletta and the Gozzo and will make use of a Rotonda platform connected to the beach by a narrow catwalk. During the day it can be used like Solarium and occasionally even as a concert stage on the sea at sunrise or sunset.

In autumn and winter the Campania Felix structures will continue to be active and will also be used for carrying out the activities of StudioLab. In particular, it will be realized at La Villa and the Domus international workshops and master classes for the performing arts. In the same period, in the Arena, will be realized international shows and festivals. The Arena, the Villa and the Domus will also be destined to host the mount of the shows that will be created by StudioLab for VIVAS! and will also be used as meeting place, where young artists will share and test their ideas and projects

Lastly, placing the Campania Felix site as a starting point, VIVAS! will create and manage various external activities:


The purpose of this initiative is to give VISAS! guests the opportunity to live an authentic experience in direct contact with the lifestyle of the place visited, such as touring aboard of a Vespa or driving an Alfa Romeo or dining on the shore at the sea. VIVAS! will design and manage short term guided tours (1-2 days in Campania, Puglia and Basilicata. 2-3 days in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche) dedicated to food and wine, art historical and naturist-landscaped, along three directions:

  • Blue Route: the seaside locations
  • Green Route: the villages in the hills and mountains
  • Yellow Route: the historical and archaeological sites
The VIVAS! Itineraries will provide for visits to less known sites, villages and cities, to discover their nature, history, villas, museums, churches, historical theaters, staying in farmhouses, small hotels, bed & breakfast, taverns and inns selected according to precise criteria of quality and fair price and branded as NETWORK VIVAS! , where the guest can taste the local traditional food, wine and spirit, and enjoy on site performances specifically created by StudioLab for local theaters and unconventional location. .

The Dragone Routes

VIVAS! will organize trips and stays in the cities of the world that host permanent shows and theme parks created by Franco Dragone. Starting from Salerno - with visit to Cairano (Dragone's village of birth), which is 30 minutes by car from the site of Campania Felix - but also simply readying, promoting and coordinating them from Salerno, these trips will be heading to Las Vegas (USA), Paris (France), Dubai (UAE), Macao, Wuhan, Xishuangbanna (China), Antalya (Turkey)..

The Artistic Residences

The idea is to offer hospitality for longer or shorter periods in small towns of Campania to young artists and technicians who are in various ways involved in the activities of StudioLab and VIVAS! and more generally to tourists interested to combine their holiday with a live experience, in direct contact with the artists and their creative processes. The proximity between artists, tourists and simple residents aims on one hand the stimulation of contaminated creative processes and the other hand the direct and authentic involvement of the guests and inhabitants that are transformed from mere users in co-protagonists of artistic creation. Such experience will generate the on-site representation of a little show.

The Art Capitals

In collaboration with Trenitalia will be organized 2-3 days journeys on board of Le Frecce (high speed train), departing from Salerno Station, to visit the greatest Italian capital for culture and arts: Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice. VIVAS! will arrange travel, hospitality and guided visits to the main museums, churches and sites of historical-artistic interest, but also to less known places in which is revealed the most intimate nature of the city. These short-term experiences will be marked by the high standard of authenticity, efficiency and safety that shall characterize and distinguish the brand VIVAS! in the International cultural tourism market.


This part of the project consists of the production and distribution of shows and entertainment events for the Italian and International Live Show market, with specific regard to the segment of non-verbal musical theater.

The two permanent shows " VIVAS! " and "MAREA" will be adapted by Dragone for the Semi-Permanent Show Market and will take place in a tent structured into two distinct parts and connected:

  • tent "Italia" with a capacity of about 2,300 spectators fully equipped for live performances
  • tent "La Piazza" equipped with a food / ice cream / pizza corner, fashion / merchandising shop.
Other productions, all joined by the common Italian background, will be realized for the Touring Show Market under the artistic direction of Dragone, to be performed at the Arena Arechi II, alternating with the permanent shows, in the entertainment locations involved in the "Itineraries" and regular theaters in Campania, Italy and the world:

Belcanto, The Luciano Pavarotti Heritage

Belcanto is an operatic stage concert presenting young, talented opera singers. The show, created in collaboration wit the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation, presents the performances of popular opera arias alongside contemporary compositions, from Claudio Monteverdi to Freddy Mercury, arranged and performed according to the stylistic canons of the original Italian "bel canto" (Visit online,

Amedeo, Mozart in the Land of Belcanto

Amedeo is the name given in Italy to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart when, between 1769 and 1772, at the age of 14, he traveled with his father extensively through Italy. The show narrates this trip and the cities (Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples among the others) were the young Mozart lived, studied and wrote some important compositions.

T'ammore, The Spirit of Naples

"T'Ammore" is a music and dance show which pays homage to classic Neapolitan song and to the most popular traditional dance of the South of Italy, Tarantella, re-proposed with modern sounds. The show includes the performance of singers, musicians, dancers, mimes and acrobats, who act onstage following a simple narrative thread based on few mimed/recited lines and an offstage voice (the Mother Goddess). It also includes the scenic context represented by songs, projections, lights, costumes and choreographies which explain the plot.

Dolcevita, The Hollywood on the Tiber

The show is dedicated to the Italian film production, from the legendary '60s and' 70s, when Rome was destination of the most famous international movie star, to our days. The music of Morricone, Rota, Ortolani, Piovani and many others, will be performed on stage by dancers, mime and circus artists, singers and musicians who will wear costumes inspired to the most famous movies and will be accompanied by projections of film clips, faces and voices of actors, images of Rome of those times.

Franco Dragone

Founder of the International Creative Company, Dragone is the creator of shows and more appreciated permanent theaters in the world that has produced, among others: Le Cirque du Soleil; Celine Dion and Le Reve in Las Vegas; The House of Dancing Water Show and The Han in China; Paris Merveilles at the Lido in Paris; La Perle in Dubai. Having reached about 80 million spectators with his shows around the world, Franco Dragone is today he market leader in the fields of: Permanent Shows ( Events ( Theme Parks (

Franco Dragone shows