Belcanto - The Luciano Pavarotti Heritage

The Luciano Pavarotti Heritage

Belcanto is a musical theater show that pays tribute to the particular Italian bel canto vocal style, that through different ways and forms of music, has crossed the centuries going beyond national borders up to the present day.

The show uses six different thematic areas to trace the key stages that marked the history of the Italian bel canto:

  1. The origins of bel canto, from Renaissance to Baroque
  2. The Opera Buffa in the Italian and European eighteenth century
  3. Giuseppe Verdi
  4. Giacomo Puccini
  5. The Neapolitan Song
  6. The bel canto in the world

The theater audience will be conducted on an imaginary journey that starts from the Florence of Lorenzo De' Medici and the Venice of Claudio Monteverdi, to arrive in London with Freddie Mercury and Queen, passing through the great composers of the opera repertoire, the Austrian and French operettas, the Anglo-American musical, up to pop and rock.

The real protagonists of the show are 12 young singers (4 soprano, 2 mezzo-soprano, 4 tenors, 2 baritones), which with the freshness of their age but also the technical mastery and the scenic experience gained, are the living testimony of the modernity of an artistic expression that comes from a long time ago but still manages to interpret and communicate human emotions and passions.

The singers of Belcanto were selected in collaboration with the Fondazione Luciano Pavarotti, whose purpose is precisely to encourage young artists who intend to devote himself to the study and the practice of this particular vocal style, ennobled and spread all over the world thanks to the extraordinary artistic experience of the departed Master Luciano Pavarotti.

It is no coincidence that the subtitle of the show is The Luciano Pavarotti Heritage.

Luciano Pavarotti has followed the path traced over the centuries by the great artists of the past, most notably the unforgettable Enrico Caruso, and never gave way to the unprofessional carelessness. Thanks to his unattainable talent but also his intelligence and sensitivity, he has been able to reopen the jealously preserved bel canto treasure chest for the international public, giving the world the pleasure of enjoying an artistic expression which defended and affirmed the beauty, strength and communicative nature of the human voice over the centuries.

Everything contributes in making Belcanto a wonderful opportunity for the Parisian public to live an intense and deeply moving experience, to enjoy an authentic representation of the most appreciated Italian artistic creativity in the world.